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  1. ersi

    Question HUAWEI MEDIAPAD M5 LITE 8,4 expanded battery and torn cable

    Hi, please is this possible to fix? It was constantly connected to power cable, so the battery expanded. But when the display poped out one of the cables torn. I found the battery on aliexpress quite easily but Im not sure what is the cable and if it is possible to replace View...
  2. E

    Question Options to get Wired Ethernet on my Samsung Tab

    I have a tablet display set up that I am currently using for various different purposes- all of which require internet connection. I have noticed that the wireless connection has been very slow and impacting the user experience and efficiency. I was wondering if anyone knows reliable devices...
  3. S

    I've done the factory reset but it just keeps bringing me back to the reboot screen...

    I have an RCA tablet. I've done the factory reset and reboot, but it still keeps bringing me back the to Android Recovery screen. It wont let me do anything else...
  4. A

    disable incognito on devices

    I want to disable incognito on all devices in google
  5. B

    Insignia flex 8 SD card issue

    I have insignia flex 8 and I just bought a sd card recently, the tablet is three years old. Whenever I insert the SD card it allows me to click the mount SD card button but won't finish the prepare process and does not load the storage. I have tried the leave the SD card inserted and shut off...
  6. W

    Problem when clearing cache

    i have a android tablet with android 4.1.2 and when i cleaned the cache... , my storage wasted . so my storage is just 294 mb now :'( because i cleaned the cache. please help me how to fix this
  7. H

    Facebook is asking me to draw my pattern which I did not have to start with.

    I never put a pattern security on my Facebook account but it won't let me open my Facebook without drawing this pattern. What do I need to do.
  8. R

    connect android tablet to pc xp

    Trying to connect my samsung SM-T530NU tablet as an external drive to my xp sp3 pc so I can download pc files to the tablet. It's supposed to show up as an external drive the minute I plug the usb cable into my pc but nothing shows up in explorer - no drive at all.
  9. L

    Download directly to SDCard - on Audiovox T752 Android tablet

    I have searched everywhere on here and. NONE of anyone's solutions have worked for me! I have an Audiovox T752 tablet with a 32 GB SD card. When I try to install a new app, I get the error message, insufficient space to others on here have mentioned. I have moved apps to the SD...
  10. J

    how to store movie torrents on external sd card

    I have an external 32mb sd card in my tablet,but i can't find any option to dl files to the sd card
  11. T

    TD Semi Tron Tab 10.1" and 13.3" Tablets

    Is anyone familiar with these tablets? TD Semi Tron Tab 10.1" Quad-Core 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage TD Semi Tron Tab Mega 13.3" Quad-Core 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage
  12. L

    my PC wont recognise my new tablet-via USB cable

    I have a Superpad 7 Android 4.0 tablet. I tried to link it to my PC using a USB cable to copy and move files onto the tablet but the tablet device never appears on my computer so I can't move my files except by using a usb flash drive which is more time consuming. Do I need a driver or...