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  1. M

    Solved! AR Glasses for depressive people

    Hi, Is there something like AR glasses for depressed people? In bad weather the area projected with sunshine? There was an app (Junaio) that could turn the sky into blue skies in the rain. Unfortunately, these are no longer available. But with an AR glasses and the appropriate software that...
  2. R

    What you could expect from Apple's Augmented Reality?

    During World Wide Developers’ Conference event, Apple announced ARKit, a platform for AR apps to live on for iPhone users. With the release of iPhone X two days ago, Apple is hoping to bank on augmented reality. The Cupertino company boasted at the event that it has the biggest AR system in...
  3. twgamerbuilder

    Lenovo Phab Tango

    So I am considering purchasing the new Lenovo Phab 2 smartphoen and wanted to know if Tango is only available on the pro version.