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    Solved! Which is better? Converting from HDMI or optical to RCA. Does it matter?

    My TV has optical and HDMI audio out but no RCA and I don't really have the money now to upgrade my reciever. But what I can afford is either HDMI or optical to RCA converter equipment but I want to know which of two might be better before I buy it. Is their a difference? Are they bottlenecked...
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    Question Yamaha YAS-107 soundbar ARC stopped working.

    Hello. I have my PC connected to Yamaha YAS-107 soundbar via HDMI IN, and I have my LG OLED B8 TV via HDMI 2 ARC-IN. Everything was working fine. I could watch videos from PC with DTS and 5.1 sound on my TV. And i could watch Netflix on a TV app with soundbar working properly. But recently...