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  1. M

    Forgot my password for 7zip archive

    Title basically says it all really I have an archive made using 7zip which is password protected and I used to open it and edit it almost everyday and so I didn't think i'd need to write the password down since I used the password thats different to all my other passwords but the thing is a few...
  2. W

    Backup program with encryption and selective restore, corrupt resistant

    Hi, TL:DR A solution that create multipart backup archive, but consider each archive as separate (not 001,002,004). Maybe you can help me. I am planning to make a backup of approx 500GB among many different type of files. I would like to have it encrypted and divided to parts, and then keep...
  3. rhoninho

    How to view a website that has shut down?

    Hello :o Does anyone know how I could access the information on a website that was shut down? The wayback machine only takes me this far And if I try to click on a page on one of the...
  4. gloege

    I am looking archive my online pages I read for direct note taking offline for multi platforming

    I am wanting to read everything religion and make notes upon or within the pages to share with my friends and family or for quick access like high lighting text for offline use on android and pc
  5. M

    How to use 7zip to optimize a file for transfer speeds?

    How to use 7zip to optimize a file for transfer speeds? I want 7zip to make an archived folder optimized for high transfer-speeds to/from a storage drive? What settings in 7zip will produce the highest transfer rate?