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  1. H

    Possible shorted/fried Laptop w/ Lipo

    I'll make sure to include as many details as possible. I have an Arduino Uno for my University project, it is powered by two 18650s (however these were not connected when the issue occured). I have a L298N motor driver powered by a Lipo battery (30C, 11.1V, 800 maH), when I tested it, it worked...
  2. mimomumy

    Raspberry android phone?

    Hey, I have two weeks of holidays coming up, and have already built a raspberry pi tablet running raspbian. I would like to build a raspberry android phone. I already have: - a rpi 3 - a 7" touch screen & driver board - a powerbank - cables What else would I need to build a working phone...
  3. T

    Arduino undefined NApowerCodes and EUpowerCodes

    So I am trying to make an arduino based TV-B gone by this instructable: Here is my wiring: So my issue appears in Arduino. When I first tried to verify the code I got an error saying I had to put const after the * in this code, both for...
  4. C

    Flashing BASIC to a Chip?

    Hello! I have recently gained interest in old computers and the Arduino. Sure enough, I got an idea. How would I go about flashing a BASIC to a ROM chip, like a C64/Apple II would have done? I would like to know how I would go about flashing a ROM image, and how I would get a BASIC onto one...
  5. A

    Usb ports are not working(probably dead)

    How can I know wheather my usb ports are working or not. The story went like this, I was working on a project on arduino which is connected to my laptop usb pin(2.0). Unfortunately I short my circuit with a DC voltage of 12V. My arduino got burnt up and at the same time my lap suddeny switched...
  6. Z

    Arduino code for a thermometer

    Hi, I am looking for a sketch for a Arduino uno hooked up to a QAPASS LCD screen and a LM35 temperature sensor that will display the temperature on the screen. I have tried 2 sketches I found on Instructables, neither worked.
  7. A

    Calibrating an Accelerometer Sensor on a Drone

    Calibrating sensors on a new drone can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with some of the mathematics surrounding the setup of drones and robots. Accelerometer sensors measure acceleration in meters per second squared and weight in G-forces. The sensor measures the acceleration of your drone...
  8. G

    Rasberry Pi Unveils New B+ Model

    Raspberry Pi unveils its newest microcomputer the B+ which is an upgraded version of the Model B featuring two more USB ports, 14 more GPIO pins, lower power consumption and much more. Rasberry Pi Unveils New B+ Model : Read more