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    Question Display artifact on right side of screen, disappears when exerting minimal manual pressure on screen

    Hey friends, I am having a problem with my laptop display :(. A whole rectangular area on the right side of the screen gets fubar, seemingly randomly, whenever the screen feels like it doesn't like the angle it is in at that moment. But, the good news for me is that this nightmare can be made...
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    Acer Predator 1070 artifacts help

    I bought my new Acer Predator G9 593 three days ago. It was working perfectly until It crashed and when i start it up it was showing artifacts. I update the bios and installed all the new drivers but it still shows the artifacts all over the screen, even on the bios. I've read about the 1070...
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    Youtube 1080p60 quality

    I'm getting crazy with this issue. Would be amazing if anyone could help me solving this problem. I record with a GoPro hero 4 : 1080p / 60fps I edit with Final Cut Pro. I have exported the project on .mov and .mp4 and the problem still there. The result on my computer is excelent, but when I...