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    Solved! i have a g551jw asus laptop, and i downloaded rog gaming center, it opened fine, it showed the heat, and just a small ammount of other settings,

    So, i have a G551JW asus gaming laptop, i wanted to change the color of my keyboard to something other than red, i got rog gaming center, and all the options i saw on youtube videos werent there, just the cooling heat, and my device information, it didnt show the keyboard color change setting...
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    asus g551jw or msi ge62 2qf apache pro

    hey guys i want to buy a gaming laptop and i have 2 options: 1-msi ge62 2qf apache pro with i7 5700hq and 16gb ram and a gtx 970m with 3g gddr5 ram 2-asus g551jw with i7 4720hq and 16gb ram and a gtx 960m with 4g gddr5 ram i want to play games at the best possible fps and config. which one...
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    asus g551jw keyboard light not working

    i have just downgraded from windows 10 to windows 8.1 and now the keyboard lights are not working and its near impossible to see the keys. anyone know what drivers i need because i have the trackpad drivers and that doesnt change anything and theres no keyboard drivers on the asus website