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  1. Romanio0089

    Solved! ASUS UX31A fan running at max speed after replacing motherboard

    Hello, I am having a problem with my ASUS UX31A fan. I just replaced the motherboard withg a REV 4.1 instead of a REV 2.0 because I saw online that the only differences are the amount of RAM offered and the i7-3537U. So, I installed the motherboard, and everything is working fine except that...
  2. Romanio0089

    Question ASUS UX31A won't start. Black screen, no LEDs, buzzing sound coming from motherboard when AC adapter is plugged in.

    Hello, I need some help here. My ASUS UX31A won't start anymore after a fan cleaning session. At first, after reassembly, there were the power LED, F2 LED, and Caps Lock LED all lighted up but with a black screen. Now, it became worse, black screen, no LEDs, and a strange buzzing sound coming...