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  1. hyera123

    Solved! Will an external nvme slot work for egpu?

    Hi my laptop vivobook x142DA AMD ryzen 5 3500u Vega 8, im looking to get an external gpu, but on my laptop the slot for m2 nvme is already installed by ssd, will a external nvme through usb work? If the external nvme doesn't work, I can see on google that the laptop can be installed with an...
  2. Sin arrow

    Solved! Asus laptop keeps restarting

    Hello everyone, please help me. My laptop suddenly restart and says "Preparing Automatic Repair" and then after a while the screen turns black. When I tried to open it again the Asus logo pop up and below that is "Preparing Automatic Repair" then shut down. There's no settings that is flash on...
  3. G

    Question Laptop not getting 144hz

    I got a new laptop a bit ago and it said it was 144hz but it's not. I cant go to display on the NVIDIA control panel because it's not there. When I right link and go to display setting it only shows 40hz or 60hz. My laptop is a ASUS TUF GAMIMG A15 with a RTX 2060 and a Rysen 7 4000 with "144z"...