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    Using DAC and/or AMP on portables Bang&Olufsen H9 and Beolit15 ? Is it worth the effort ??

    Hello all, well these two are usually linked to a mac or iphone, via BT however, both do have a 3.5 m line-in jack. I could've lived with their little downsides (H9 lacks volume/ Beolit lacks esprit) until, I found your thread here and also this Audirvana software came across my eyes...
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    AUDI headphones limited editon(picture)

    [/url][/img]can u help me for how much can i sell this ....i found it in my garage it is good :)? any it works on any blutooth device becuase i think is blutooth :)?
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    Best USB Turntables on Amazon

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    Should I get an Optical or USB DAC? (Schiit Modi)

    I am looking to get the Schiit stack (Schiit Magni and Schiit Modi) but I see that there are 2 Modi models the Optical and the Usb (Modi 2) which one is better? I have read that there isn't really a difference in sound quality, but that optical has less feedback? I have a MSI x79A-GD45 (8D)...