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    icraig tablet stuck on automatic repair screen

    I have an icraig tablet that will not go past the automatic repair. I can not do a system restore or startup repair. It will not let me do a system restore, reset the pc or startup repair. I did go put windows 10 on usb but of coarse the tablet says the it doesn't have a usb boot which i went to...
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    Lenovo Automatic Repair Glitch

    My Lenovo laptop is stuck in a Automatic Repair Loop and I'm looking for some help. I have a Lenovo G50-45 with Windows 10. I have tried All the "novo" button options and all the bios boot solutions I've heard. It might be helpful to note that I rebooted after all my applications did not work...
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    Will resetting my windows 8.1 pc fix the automatic repair loop

    My computer is a Dell Inspiron, recently it has been turning off randomly, and then reboots and says "Your PC ran into an error and needs to restart" then it goes turns off and comes back on and goes to it again, and again, and again. I've heard this is called the "Automatic Repair Loop" will...
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    HELP! Stuck in Windows Automatic Repair loop!

    Hi, My Acer Aspire V3 has been stuck in this Windows Automatic Repair loop for a couple days now and I haven't been able to fix it myself. Any help? I cant figure out what factory restore is and how can I back-up all my files before I do anything cause I have some important stuff in this laptop...