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    Solved! Unable to send multichannel PCM audio from PC to LG B6

    I recently purchased an LG B6, and came to realize my good old AVR (a Denon 1612), featuring HDMI 1.4, won't do HDR pass-through, so intending to keep the Denon, I switched to having the TV in the middle, instead of the AVR as I did until today. I have managed to get audio sent from the TV to...
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    Solved! Klipsch R-15M vs Elac Debut B5

    Anyone tried either of these speakers and is willing to give some insight on them? I'm not sure which one to get. I've heard only good things about the Elacs, and that the Klipsch's can be harsh. They will be run in stereo with an Onkyo TX-8020.