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    Question Smart watch for Android - my dad is 80 and is worried about falling

    My father has an android phone and being 80 and not being as good at keeping his balance - he is looking for something that will alert my mother or someone if he falls. Any other health features would be good as well. Suggestions welcome.
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    Speaker is quiet and muffled

    Okay, so to begin with I'll list the issues, number one is that I can barely hear anything coming from my right speaker, however my left is crystal clear. What I can hear is muffled, almost like all foreground noise was taken out. I know the speakers work as I tested them on other devices, and I...
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    Audio player software with balance control assignable to keyboard shortcuts

    Can anyone recommend a windows based audio player that supports output via asio that has a balance (left right) control in the application that can be assigned to be adjusted with keyboard shortcuts? (I know I can do it with the windows mixer but for this use I need it in the application)