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  1. TheMitjaX

    Bandicam doesn't want to record the resolution 1080x720

    So I just re-installed bandicam and all my settings of course got reset and I tried configuring things but it doesn't work. It keeps recording in 240x160 which is a shit quality and resolution. Can somebody help me I recorded VisualBoyAdvance emulator the game is Kirby : Nightmare in Dreamland...
  2. N

    Recording Software; Low FPS

    So when I record a game with Bandicam, the FPS will rest in peace, from 190 they'll drop to 30, this case occurs in League of Legends. Is it that my processor is too weak, not enough RAM, GPU too low? I have an i5 4440 with 8 GB of RAM, and Intel HD Graphics 4600. I appreciate all the honest...
  3. C

    Dxtory recording software and OBS help

    So I downloaded Dxtory full version. The quality was okay but I wanted better. I downloaded the Lagarith Losless codec and now when I record I only get the sound. It says it's an AVI file but it is just a music note where the video should be and I don't even hear any sound. I have tried...
  4. T

    Bandicam vrs OBS

    I have both OBS and the paid version of bandicam and want to know which is better. I want statements from people who have used both and on good settings. I also would like to see the frame rate and graphics quality of both.