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    Solved! Convert CRLF to LF

    Hello i was wondering if you can assist in my batch file. i would the output file to be UNIX line ending (LF), however its defaults it to CRLF. I have been looking for 2 weeks for an answer. thanks. @echo off set "first=Yes" (for %%a in ("H:\data dumps\folder\combine\*.csv") do ( if...
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    batch file copy

    Hi guys I need to create bath file to copy files over network streight to c drive so far i mapped drive ill write how I do it manualy ... start /wait net use w: "\\fileslocation\Images" workshop /user:workshop cd mgcam cd files copy *.* c: cd.. cd.. cd gcam cd files copy *.* c: can...
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    batch file to run local from remote location

    hello everyone, i have batch file that compress all the folders where it located and create self extract file (exe) the command that execute is for /d %%X in (*) do "c:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" a -sfx "%%X.exe" "%%X\" i'm trying to simplify the process for some teacher to run batch file from...