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  1. W

    PC- Turtle Beach x12 vs Cheap Amazon headsets (TeckNet G927 7.1 Surround Sound )

    Hey People, So I need to buy a new headset,and I'm a student on a budget. I'm an avid gamer and love FPS and loving RAINBOW SIX :Seige at the moment. I'm looking for a headset that can give me good sound and "location sound" as some would say.For instance,hear footsteps,gun clips etc. Now...
  2. Mr gir

    Looking to upgrade my headset

    Hello. I am looking for a new gaming headset with good audio. I currently have turtle beach x12's and have been using them for around two years maybe longer. I do like them and don't have anything against them I just decided It is time for an upgrade. I'm currently thinking of getting the...
  3. V

    Looking for Gaming Headset <$100

    Hi, I want to buy a gaming headset that is around or below $100. I would like the headset to have a mic (it does not have to be very high quality), very comfortable, and just generally well built and sounding. Also a 3.5mm jack is preferred but a usb would work fine unless the headset is...