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    Does setting a laptop's power mode to "Best Performance" Improve Download/Upload Speeds?

    Hi everyone. Does setting a laptop's power mode to "Best performance" (as opposed to "Best battery life") decrease download/upload speeds? For instance, in Windows 10, if if I click on the battery icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and then set my laptop's power mode to "Best...
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    Buying a new laptop before beginning my IT bachelor. Please help me with some advice.

    I will soon start my bachelor degree in IT. Problem: I need a laptop that I can work with for many hours (6-8 hours during+after classes) that can be hooked to 2 Dell U2412M (when at home) and that can withstand a lot of work for at least 4 years: Uses: a) Moderate web-browsing with a bunch...