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  1. S

    SoundblasterX AE-5 vs Motherboard Audio

    Hello there i just orderred SoundBlasterX AE-5... My motherboard Z270x Gaming 9 shows that it use Creative ZxRi.. Is it true ??? And my motherboard Audio is going to be better than SoundblasterX AE-5 ???? Please help me... Sorry for bad english... :)
  2. A

    HTC Vive or Occulus Rift for this end of year? ...

    Hi everyone, First of all, sorry for my english, It's not my native language but I'll try to write as smooth as possible ^_^ I really want to have VR for many reasons : new way to play, parties with friends that can test horror VR games, etc... The thing is that I'm really hesitating between...
  3. D

    Is it worth paying almost double price to get gtx 1060 instead 1050?

    I have a choice between this pc: and this...
  4. oliwierek10

    Which should I buy HTC Vive or Oculus Rift Touch?

    Hello I am planing on buying a vr headset and the htc vive and oculus rift touch come in at the same price which should I get? I know the differences between the sensors the fact that the htc vive sensors shoot out lasers and the oculus rift scans for ir light which is better? I am planing on...
  5. B

    help regading picking what to do with that Cash.

    i will obtain soon enough an amount Ranging from 544.55$ to 680.69 with that Cash i will be able to do the following 1) buy an Extra 970 gigabyte to Create an SLI connection with my almost 9 month old GPU(same type, the windforce). 2) get an extra Cash here and there and buy the HTC Vive...
  6. M

    Which one is better ? Lenovo G40 45 SID or ASUS X455LA-WX128D ?

    Lenovo G40 45 SID -> (*)AMD A8-6410 Processor (2.0GHz Up to 2.4GHz, 2M Cache, Quad Core) (*)DDR3 4GB (1x4GBDDRIIIL1600), HDD 500G 5400RPM (*)DVD 9.0MM Super Multi (Tray In) (*)AMD Radeon R5 M230 DDR3L 2G (*)14.0 inch HD TN GL (Flat) (*)Non-Intel 1x1 Bgn+BT4.0 (*)Camera .3 MP (*)Bateray...
  7. A

    Which one is better?

    Tell me which one is better Lenovo IdeaPad G50-30 Black or Acer Extensa 2511 Black Design 2015
  8. P

    Best Free Antivirus.

    So I got fresh windows and thinking what antivirus I should get. Please don't say to get Essentials as when I used it my pc was full of virus, browser full of pop-ads pc was so slow and nothing detected and once install AVG there was a lot of viruses however it seems that AVG is not god and...
  9. Ant Vo

    Winegard vs Mohu Leaf TV Antennas

    Hello. So I am deciding on removing DirectTV from my house and am switching to TV antennas. These two look good and I am wondering, which one is the better choice? Winegard...
  10. S

    iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4?

    I'm looking for either an iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4. Can someone recommend me which one is the better phone? Also, is it safe to buy one of these phones off of Amazon?
  11. S

    The G930 vs. 7H

    Hey everyone! So I was looking to see what was better. The Steelseries 7h or Logitech G930? Or is there anything else in that price range that is actually better? ($80-$140) Thank you for your help. Please tell me which is better and why you think so. Thanks Snipesome