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    Solved! Is there any program that can turn some binary code into binary string in a black and white image?

    Is there any program/app that can get some binary code, and turn it in a black and white image. By that i mean get this image where the 0 are represented by the color black and the 1 with the color white.The example shown well Its a short creepy pasta story from a game. But that doesnt matter...
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    Binary Skeleton Key

    My friend at work said he met a white hat that has worked with homeland security and google. Who, over the course of 7 years wrote a skeleton key in binary . Wrote it on a very old Macintosh, apparently. He was pretty damn insistent that this was true. I'm not really convinced. But does anyone...
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    should i delete??or?

    every time i restart my windows, there is a pop up from regsvr32 tell me there is a issue with a certain .dll from a appdata local uprmedia.ThemeMainEnum.dll. I have no idea what this uprmedia thing is, but when i search it on the registry keys it shows up next to other app dll's like normal...