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    Question BLUE YETI - Weird Audio Issue that I Can't Quite Describe

    Hello, all! I know you've probable seen a question like this a million times, but I have not been able to find a solution that works, mostly due to the fact that all of the issues I have seen don't seem to correlate with my issue. I have a recording here of me demonstrating what it sounds like...
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    Blue Yeti USB Microphone Issue

    I recently bought a Blue Yeti USB microphone. When I plug in my headphones through the 3.5mm jack on the mic I only hear what sounds like excessively bass boosted audio. I tried the microphone on several different devices in the different ports and it's still the same. I changed software...
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    Blue Yeti Background Sound Reduction - Hardware Preference

    Greetings! So, a while ago (read: last Christmas) I purchased the awesome Yeti micrphone from Blue™ . My issue is, I have moved to a location with a substantial amount of background noise resulting in static. I live in a student residence with 500 other students, old pipes, windy corridors...
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    Blue Yeti sounds horrible even from half a foot away?

    Now I didn't have this problem for that long. But it is really annoying me. As you can see in this video: The guy has the yeti a foot away from his mouth, and it sounds pretty good. But when I try a set up like this, The yeti sounds really bad. And...
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    Does using mic more decrease its lifespan?

    Just wondering if you use your microphone more does that mean it will break faster.
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    AT2020USB vs. AT2020XLR w/Blue Icicle USB Pre-Amp vs. Blue Yeti USB

    I am a starting youtuber and need a new microphone. I have narrowed it down to a couple choices, but if you have any other suggestions, let me know. I need it to be roughly $150 or less as I don't have a huge budget. I like the AT2020 for the design and noise reduction. I also think the features...
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    Blue Yeti Used as SPEAKER ISSUE

    So I just got my blue yeti and its perfectly fine for recording audio and all but when I plug my headphones in and use it as a speaker for listening to any audio such as Youtube or whatever it emits this HIGH PITCH Screaming sound and I for the life of me cant figure out how to get rid of it...
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    Bad audio output w/ Blue Yeti (Reverses sound location)

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I received my Blue Yeti in the mail from Amazon. Excited, I opened it up and got it all set up on my PC. I played my first game of CSGO, and I noticed that every now and then the audio would reverse, so people on the left would be heard as on the right. I know...
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    Looking for good sub $100 microphone for YouTube

    Hey everyone! Over the past while I've been getting a growing interest in making YouTube videos (CS: GO mainly), however my current microphone isn't working very well, that being the mic on my Turtle Beach X12 headset I got a few years ago for my birthday. So what I'm looking for is a good...
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    Microphone for YouTube gaming commentary

    I have been making YouTube videos for a while now and have decided I want to start making them regularly. I want to record competitive game that require high accuracy and I am worried that if I go ahead and order a Blue Yeti microphone I won't do it justice or it may hinder may gameplay. I won't...
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    Blue Yeti Help

    Hello, my Blue Yeti Mic seems to work fine when I'm recording or on skype, but when I'm on Team Speak/Mumble, it sounds very bad and the quality has decreased significantly, anybody know why? If you help, thank you very much :D!