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  1. SenDara

    Solved! Problem with my Blue Yeti (Classic) microphone?

    My Blue Yeti (Classic) microphone keeps lowering/auto-compressing its volume while I'm talking; my voice sounds like a walkie talkie. It was fine until a few days ago. Here's what I tried (Windows 10, btw): Disconnected & reconnected it Connected it to different USB ports Ensured that the...
  2. P

    Solved! Blue Yeti Microphone Cord Broke Off Inside

    EDIT: Problem fixed by buying a new cord from amazon. Mini USB 2.0. Hi everyone! The Blue Yeti I use for work appears broken. While I was travelling between work + home, the cord snapped off inside the mic. Picture of when I first discovered this, the piece that came out of the yeti + the cord...
  3. hollywooddemon

    Question Blue Yeti Microphone not working properly

    So after not using my Yeti for a while I decided to use it again after being tired of using my terrible headset mic. I plug it in, the light turns on but in sound settings under "Sounds" it says it's not plugged in screenshot here (it also shows up as a Speaker for some unknown reason). After...
  4. CloudPink

    Solved! Two Blue Yeti mics in one room

    We have two gaming set ups in one room. Both have Blue Yeti microphones. Both use the Discord desktop app to communicate. One person can hear their voice from the other mic and it is very distracting. Set up ONE (cannot hear their own voice from the other mic): -Blue Yeti mic with gains all...
  5. A

    Question Blue Yeti sound problems

    My Blue Yeti records sound in stereo and the right channel is fine, but the left channel consists of only high-pitched noise. I'm fine with it when I want to record sound in Adobe Audition (I can simply delete the left channel), but I can't use my microphone in voice chats and Discord because of...
  6. O

    Question BLUE YETI - Weird Audio Issue that I Can't Quite Describe

    Hello, all! I know you've probable seen a question like this a million times, but I have not been able to find a solution that works, mostly due to the fact that all of the issues I have seen don't seem to correlate with my issue. I have a recording here of me demonstrating what it sounds like...
  7. R

    Hello. I am using a Blue Yeti mic in Adobe Premiere Pro and I'm getting a bad echo, while recording directly into the program,

    Blue Yeti, Adobe Premiere Pro, Echo issue
  8. A

    Blue Yeti Background Sound Reduction - Hardware Preference

    Greetings! So, a while ago (read: last Christmas) I purchased the awesome Yeti micrphone from Blue™ . My issue is, I have moved to a location with a substantial amount of background noise resulting in static. I live in a student residence with 500 other students, old pipes, windy corridors...
  9. K

    Blue Yeti sounds horrible even from half a foot away?

    Now I didn't have this problem for that long. But it is really annoying me. As you can see in this video: The guy has the yeti a foot away from his mouth, and it sounds pretty good. But when I try a set up like this, The yeti sounds really bad. And...
  10. K

    Does using mic more decrease its lifespan?

    Just wondering if you use your microphone more does that mean it will break faster.
  11. P

    AT2020USB vs. AT2020XLR w/Blue Icicle USB Pre-Amp vs. Blue Yeti USB

    I am a starting youtuber and need a new microphone. I have narrowed it down to a couple choices, but if you have any other suggestions, let me know. I need it to be roughly $150 or less as I don't have a huge budget. I like the AT2020 for the design and noise reduction. I also think the features...
  12. A

    Blue Yeti Used as SPEAKER ISSUE

    So I just got my blue yeti and its perfectly fine for recording audio and all but when I plug my headphones in and use it as a speaker for listening to any audio such as Youtube or whatever it emits this HIGH PITCH Screaming sound and I for the life of me cant figure out how to get rid of it...
  13. M

    Bad audio output w/ Blue Yeti (Reverses sound location)

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I received my Blue Yeti in the mail from Amazon. Excited, I opened it up and got it all set up on my PC. I played my first game of CSGO, and I noticed that every now and then the audio would reverse, so people on the left would be heard as on the right. I know...
  14. M

    Looking for good sub $100 microphone for YouTube

    Hey everyone! Over the past while I've been getting a growing interest in making YouTube videos (CS: GO mainly), however my current microphone isn't working very well, that being the mic on my Turtle Beach X12 headset I got a few years ago for my birthday. So what I'm looking for is a good...
  15. P

    Microphone for YouTube gaming commentary

    I have been making YouTube videos for a while now and have decided I want to start making them regularly. I want to record competitive game that require high accuracy and I am worried that if I go ahead and order a Blue Yeti microphone I won't do it justice or it may hinder may gameplay. I won't...
  16. C

    Blue Yeti Help

    Hello, my Blue Yeti Mic seems to work fine when I'm recording or on skype, but when I'm on Team Speak/Mumble, it sounds very bad and the quality has decreased significantly, anybody know why? If you help, thank you very much :D!