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  1. Vizuka

    Blue Yeti, Humming/Hissing sound from headphone jack.

    I just bought a Blue Yeti and i was going to try out the headphones monitoring/built in DAC/Amp, but when i plugged my headphones in and put the volume higher i noticed a very noticable hiss/hum coming from the mic, so i first thought it was the mic picking something up in my room. But then i...
  2. M

    Gaming Microphone £300 budget

    Hi guys, im looking for a new gaming microphone, I currently have the Blue yeti on a boom arm with a pop filter My budget is £300 for the microphone itself. I can have either a XLR or USB microphone as I have a scarlett somewhere in the house. Im looking to go big on this microphone but not...
  3. M

    Which MIC to buy

    at2020 blue yeti at2020+ the thing I'm afraid from is that the yeti pick Up Much background and my grandMa is like elephant sound however i manged to muffle sound and will do it more but it will still be audible. the thing im afraid from the at2020 that the mic don't sound good as blue...