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  1. A

    Question ThinkPad T410 - 255% battery available on Ac, and "Unknown remaining" on battery, "incorrect battery voltage" on vantage. Question / Problem

    Hi, one day ago i opened my t410 to clean the fan and the laptop it, and just out of curiosity i took the yellow power jack out and found that it has a broken red wire, i thought i had accidently broken the wire so i soldered it back and after i booted it the windows battery indicator was...
  2. C

    Solved! Can I repair this Lenovo 720s motherboard? Burned layer on board

    I’ve got this Ideapad 720s laptop to fix it has no power or charging so immediately after disassembly I found a cap that looked burned, and on the other side of the board a layer was found in this state. I believe this is the main power rail as it is on the battery input mosfets. When I plug...
  3. ksculland

    Question lenovo ideapad 330-15ARR water damage

    PF101 is good, anything else I can check? When it was powered back on after the water damage, the power light flashes orange continuously. Any help would be appreciated.