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    Solved! Can I install Windows 10 on my macbook and remove mac os

    I have a Macbook air 13 inch Early 2015 model I have been recently wondering if I could install windows 10 on it and remove mac os making it a windows only machine I have seen imacs with windows only on them at school and I want to do that as well to my own macbook
  2. R

    How to Use Windows on Your MacBook Pro

    If you want to install Windows on your MacBook Pro you can either use Mac Boot Camp or you can use a third party virtualization program. However, Boot Camp is user friendly easy to update, and puts less strain on your computer's memory and processing power. The following steps will show you how...
  3. A

    Basics of EFI, UEFI, and Bios. Please help me learn this

    I am confused how all of these work. I can somehow use them correctly, but i want to make sure i know what is happening. Here are some of my confusions: I like windows, but i hate mac. I also have like... no money... and only macs. I have an old hard drive from my laptop, and I plug it in...
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    How do I get the drivers for a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo 2006 Macbook Pro 15" for Windows XP?

    Hi guys, I have an Apple Macbook Pro 15" 2006 with a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo, I currently have it dual booted with Windows XP. The issue I am having is locating drivers for the Mac for XP. I realise you can get drivers off the original install Disk but I don't have that. Is there any other way of...
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    Ovann Microphone (3.5 mm) Not Working but Headphones Are

    I'm using Windows 7 via Boot Camp on an early 2009 iMac and at the moment I am attempting to use Ovann X2-Pro headphones with the computer ( these are the headphones ) and the microphone is detected by the computer, but when I talk no sound is inputted. The headphones have three plugs, two 3.5...
  6. exfileme

    Navy May Use Wii Fit to Train Gamer Recruits

    The Navy has noticed that recent recruits need a little more help in getting into shape than previous boot camp newbies. Navy May Use Wii Fit to Train Gamer Recruits : Read more
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    Apple's Boot Camp Adds Support For XP SP3

    Cupertino (CA) - Apple has updated its "Boot Camp" software, which allows users to run Windows operating systems on Intel-based Mac computers, to version 2. Apple's Boot Camp Adds Support For XP SP3 : Read more