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  1. corcorand82

    Nexus 7 ROM issue, need fixed today

    I'm just as excited as the next google fanboy about the new android 4.5/5.0, but this got the best of me honestly. Last night I was uploading L DP to my nexus 7 using ADB. Once the device was wiped, ADB experienced an error and aborted. now the device will not boot past the "google" logo. I...
  2. N

    Unable To Boot Live Linux In My HP-G6 2005AX. Need help.

    I have HP-G6 2005 AX which was shipped with Windows7. Now, I wanna move to Linux, and whenever i try inserting bootable pendrive or disk & reboot the system,no bootloader options are available & it automatically boots into Windows. Since, I doesn't boot Linux I am unable to install it. What...
  3. S

    Galaxy i9505 flash damage control! In dire need of help!

    Hello forum, I may have bricked my new galaxy s4 i9505, tried to istall a custom ROM and ended up flashing both the bootloader and pda with the ROM, need help to find stock bootloader and pda. I'm using odin! Please help!