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  1. E

    Question best bridge camera for wildlife

    I have a Panasonic Lumix FZ70 with amazing zoom and macro. But it's having occasional problems, so I'm looking at a new camera... i.e. Lumix FZ300 or FZ1000 or something comparable but not insanely difficult to use. Would love suggestions. The FZ1000 is currently reduced down to about the same...
  2. theturtles

    Is it worth the upgrade to a DSLR or Higher-End Bridge? Lumix FZ1000? Canon T6i?

    Hey Tom's Guide, Love the community here (usually at Hardware) so I figure I'd ask for some help here. I am a senior in highschool so admittedly money is tight, and I purchased a decent refurb camera about a month ago, Nikon L830, for around 200 bucks with all accesories. I love the zoom but...