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  1. S

    Discussion Any Vivaldi browser users here?

    Do you use Vivaldi? If you do, what do you like about the browser and what not so much?
  2. F

    Question Razer Blade 14 browser tabs crash on PSU

    New laptop, 3070 Razer Blade 14. When plugged in to wall power, all browser tabs (Edge, Chrome, and Firefox) are unstable; crashing a few seconds after opening (or even as they load) with out of memory errors (see below). If I reload a tab a few times it will usually eventually stabilise for a...
  3. tenentegre

    Solved! Problem loading some webpages (like Amazon and Basecamp) after using Mobile Hotspot

    Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone experienced this issue, but I'm having problems loading web-pages on my laptop while is connected to my mobile hotspot, and even later using any other wi-fi connection. Amazon, for example, doesn't load properly on Chrome neither on Firefox: it load very...