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  1. S

    Laptop to buy under £350 that can do light gaming?

    Hello there, I'm afraid this is yet another one of these posts.... but I spent my lunch break scratching my head for ages trying to find a useful answer for my use case....also a lot of the laptops I looked at aren't well priced in the UK or are not available :( Here goes: 1. What is your...
  2. Corey Martin

    Good Laptops $300 USD and Below?

    I am selling my current laptop because it's too big and bulky. I'm just wondering if anyone knows any nice, 13 inch or below laptops under $300. They can be Chromebooks, Windows laptops, or even MacBooks! I'm looking for one with moderate battery life, and I may do some light video editing (720p...
  3. G

    Suggest me Performance and Budget Laptop(s)

    Hey friends. I am in search of a budget laptop with these specs (minimum) Processor i3 3rd/4th gen (not i5/i7 because they are way over my budget.) Screen 15.6"/14" Ram 4GIGs atleast...(4GB Minimum) HDD 500GB (Minimum) Graphics Card 1GB/2GB (No to INTEL HD SERIES) Thats all hardware...
  4. T

    Need new laptop

    Need a new laptop since mine broke down yesterday. The budget is around 500$ It is going to be used mostly for work, documents and such + browsing web, there is no need for high tech specs, but it a big plus if it looks amazing and that it has a robust build quality, hopefully is reliable. :)