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    Question Detecting Flickering lights in prep before shooting

    Does anyone find light flickering tedious to fix on set? It's often checked using an in-camera test during a shoot which can slow down production. Is there any reliable & convenient way to detect light flickering given a target fps & shutter during prep instead? I've heard bad stories about the...
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    Can Philips Hue bulbs connect to a Hive hub?

    Just wondering if I can use a Hive hub and connect both Philips and Hive bulbs to it.
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    H5370BD Projector question

    Hey guys, so I have an Acer H5370BD projector and it's been great for the last couple of years, but last month the bulb blew. I've finally gotten around to taking the bulb and and confirming that just the bulb is broken. The only replacement bulb that I have found online is below...
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    toshiba p300 backlight problem

    i have a toshiba p300 and has been working well but recently i boot up and everything is fine but about 30-40 minutes later the backlight goes off and you can faintly see the desktop. im sure it can be one of two things : the inverter board or the CCFL bulb. is there anyway of fully diagnosing...