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  1. E

    Solved! How do I fix a stuck track pad button legion y530

    I have a legion y530 and the button somehow gets stuck, it is brand new and nothing was spilled on it. It is till usable but very annoying. I think a clip or some thing is not attached properly because the button looks crooked compared to the other. Also when I push on the the other side it...
  2. raidtube23

    Both Shift buttons [keys] aren't working

    I have a HP i5 64 bit laptop and both shift buttons keys aren't working i tried turing off the sticky keys, reinstall the driver and repair the both buttons keys nothing works. i tried using another keyboard and its working. Please help. Thank you!
  3. A

    3DS Buttons not Working

    Alright, so I've had an original 3DS for a while now, actually got one of the first ones made on release, except for Japan... So, I started it up recently and came to notice, the buttons weren't working... Although, if you flicked the buttons and circle pad, depending on the speed and force, it...
  4. L

    Using another power button board for a laptop being not from the same brand

    This is something that i had started to wonder about ever since my old old laptops power board had stopped working. its because i have seen a few other laptop power button board in online shops and they seem, by pure luck, to have the same ribbon connector on the power button board as the...
  5. O

    the Alt button keep activated when actually i didnt press it.

    hi, i got problem with my laptop. my laptop can activate the alt key when i dont actually press it. i tried to disable the alt key using some softwares, both of them - the left and right alt, but still not working. this really annoy me. i can't type fast since the alt key keep getting activated...
  6. A

    Acer Aspire 7220: Power button and HDD led indicator keeps blinking

    Hi , I've buyed an Acer Aspire 7220 like 1 year ago and after a recharging(I think) the laptop won't start up... The power button and HDD status indicator keeps blinking simultaneously like 1 second until I remove the battery or the charger... Here's a list with all things that I've tried...(BTW...