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  1. J

    Replace plug Logitech G231 headset, wire colors?

    Hi, I've damaged the plug on my logitech G231 headset(with mic) and want to replace it. I've searched the internet up and down but can't seem to find the answer to the coloring of the wires. When cutting the wire i've the following combinations: 1) Red wire surrounded by green 2) Black wire...
  2. F

    Home Audio Project

    So i have two 12 inch Rockford Fosgates max watt peak 1200/600rms with 2 Klipsch r14 speakers in my room. All that is ran off a 1000w Sony receiver and im looking for to getting a Seismic Audio - LE-3000 - Power Amplifier - 3000 Watts to run my subs but the only problem is i only want my subs...
  3. X

    Cheap Gaming Laptop !

    Hello everyone, I am looking for the cheapest GAMING laptop possible NOW .... - Budget ( 1000$ or less ) 1- i7 2-8GB RAM + 3- GPU 850m or higher or amd GPU that is similar 4- 1080p screen 5- 500GB +
  4. B

    Question on Connecting: AV Receiver to Computer Speakers

    Hello everyone, I've got some spare equipment and I thought I would try to get some use out of them. However there was one hang up with my setup and now I'm not really sure how to go about properly connecting the two. I had hooked a 2.1 computer speaker setup into the AV receiver (using a line...
  5. M

    Do I still need any of my closed-circuit coax setup if we're going streaming?

    Hi! I teach a middle school broadcasting class. Our TV studio runs on a coaxial output that is then amplified to the rest of the school. In the process of our current remodel, workers have removed the coax outlets in our classrooms, and I'm told that our district is looking for streaming...
  6. U

    Sony TV Model # KF-50WE610

    Sony Tv Model # KF-50WE610 Made in August 2004 Problem is Picture going black with no audio for about thirty seconds, then picture and sound comes back on for a bit over a minute, and cycles again and again. No lights flash, or anything. The tv does not turn off while doing this, it stays on...
  7. K

    I am trying to extend my internet about 1000 feet away.

    I am trying to extend my internet 750-1000 feet away. I don't mind using fiber, however what will I need and how will I do it? Would cable be better? I am planning to trench the distance for other reasons and I thought I would do this at the same time. If you have any other ideas, let me know...
  8. D

    Beats Wireless - Only one side works on Bluetooth, Both sides work on a wired connection

    Hi Forum, I recently got a pair of Beats wireless (2013 model) handed to me to fix, but I can't figure out the problem. On bluetooth only the right side (controller side) works the other is dead.., but when i plug them in using the 3mm jack both side work perfectly. I'm guess is they are...
  9. G

    Why The Latest FCC Net Neutrality Plan Is Meaningless

    Proposed rules rehash a policy shot down twice in court, and the way to give the FCC legal authority over Net neutrality wasn't addressed. Why The Latest FCC Net Neutrality Plan Is Meaningless : Read more
  10. blueeyedsoulbrother

    New Home Wiring : Newbie Questions (PLEASE HELP)

    My 72 year old father is finally building his dream home and has been coming to me for all his technical questions. My head is spinning and I've tried to talk to a few home theater wiring outfits including Best Buy's Magnolia outfit. I feel this should be relatively simple but the proposals...