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  1. javedaslam

    Question Are digital cameras better than analog cameras?

    I am looking for the best camera for photography. Would you tell me which camera is the best to buy? Digital or Analog Camer?
  2. Bdubb11

    Question Which camera to buy in 2020

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the camera game but just like everyone else, I’m creating more online content than ever right now and I am wanting this to carry on after quarantine. I’m trying to figure out which camera would be best to get! The three I’m looking at are 1.) canon EOS 90D 2.) canon...
  3. Megdoh

    Solved! Old camcorder brands that still work? 8mm video specific

    Do you have any suggestions for old camcorders that play 8mm video? Looking for something to play old videos. Preferably something that has an input (or multiple) that will allow me to plug a device to transfer to a digital format. (Also something I need....) 
 if you know of a long-lasting...