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  1. IrishLaad

    CAT5 Cable in the high corners of my room for surround sound?

    There has been this cables in the 4 high corners of my bedroom (old sitting room) since I can remember. They lead back to beside the TV input and where covered in by a blank socket. It says CAT5 E on the sleeve of the cable and looks to be 5 wires inside the cable. Why would they be there ...
  2. OhioLeda

    Guru Needed: Recommend Transcoder for New TV

    My father bought THIS TV without asking me first because it was on sale and it does not support DLNA. I've setup a DLNA server with about 12tb of TV shows Movies etc for mom and dad and now they are mad because it will not work. I am looking for a DLNA Transcoding box and would love some...