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    Center/Subwoofer connection question

    Hi, I'm wanting to create a 5.1 surround sound setup for my PC. The three connections are Front Stereo, Rear Stereo, and Center/Subwoofer. My Center speaker has 1 male 3.5mm cord My Subwoofer has 2 RCA line in ports: Left (White) and Right (Red) What do I need to do to connect both the...
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    Center and Sub-Woofer won't work together.

    In Realtek HD Audio Manager all the speakers of my 5.1 setup work during the test, but when listening to music or movies, the center speaker works but the sub-woofer won't. If I swap center/sub-woofer output in the manager then the sub woofer works while the center doesnt. I have the latest...