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    Using 45 year old speakers for a sound system

    I have circa 1974 JBL Century 100 speakers in almost new shape, (the grills evaporated decades ago). I would like to integrate with TV and was wondering if they are worth it? ( do today soundbars work as well? I have a Yamaha sound bar and not satisfied, no bass). Is there a bluetooth amp...
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    nextbook wifi problem

    i use century link...my son has authentification problem on his nextbook tablet when he tries to connect to wifi
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    Direct tv genie 2 locations-one account

    Hello, I have a directtv account in my name at my Mom's house. We have 3 tvs set up and we have the genie. I am getting my own apartment 10 miles away and the apartments are pre-wired with DTV (through Century Link) Can I move my tv with the mini receiver box over to the apartments and get...
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    How does 20th Century Fox market and distribute it products to audiences?

    First of all, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong column, it was the only film related topic topic I could see. So tomorrow I have to share with my class "How does 20th Century Fox market and distribute it products to audiences?" And I have no idea what to say, can anyone help me please.
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    Is 20th Century Fox a conglomerate company?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I'm doing a piece of homework where I need to choose 1 independent film company and one conglomerate film company, and I was just wondering if 20th Century Fox is a conglomerate company or not? If not what should I choose?