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  1. Mr Guffa

    Question Sony Home Theater STR K670P ISSUE

    my system is stuck in 2 channel output. when i test tone it, i get sound in every speaker. something tells me that has something to do with my headphones. note that when you plug them, the system automatically goes to 2 ch mode. can it be some kind of switch malfunction? hope that someone...
  2. L

    Amplifier and Speakers Noob Question

    I have an old Sony Compact Disk Deck Receiver(SONY HCD-H550K). According to its amplifier spec, it produces 30+30w output per channel, a peak of 300 watts with speaker output impedance from 6-16ohms and its speakers spec only states its impedance which is at 6ohms(no wattage and other info). I...
  3. W

    Youtube Channel Help

    So when im on my channel its says my new name "White Sharpie" but when you look at my vids it still says "ThatPonyStalker" how do i fix this. and yes i have waited a couple days but it hasn't updated.
  4. R

    Why YouTube isnt working for me ?

    Hey guys i want to ask you what the heck is going on?! I recently started my YT channel and i already uploaded 3 vids but last week i wasnt able to upload i really dont know why ! Some of you may know when you click upload the standard sh*ts come out like title description etcetc. but for me it...
  5. M

    Headphones suddenly producing only 1 sound channel in both ears

    Ugh, forum dumped my post when it asked me to register. Time to re-type everything! Sennheiser HD215 headphones. They stopped working properly one day while I was watching a video. Have tested other headphones and they work fine, so the issue is definitely the 'phones and not the source. Both...