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  1. Graybush

    The Gift Guide for the Photographer 2018

    The art of giving isn't always a snap, and that is certainly true when finding the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. Photographers have an eye for the best, so you can't stuff any old gift into their stocking. The gifts below are sure to make any photographer's eyes light up...
  2. O

    Solved! Is it okay to charge?

    i have an andriod one plus one, and i spilled tea all over it. my charging port looked completely dry and i checked to see if it would charge (and it did). it looks like there was a lot of water around where the camera is (on the back). overall most of the body looked dry and my case was just...
  3. Lutfij

    How To Repair Loose Charging Port In Lenovo Laptops

    Lenovo laptop’s are known to generally have a good track record however there are some instances where the laptop may see some damage either due to wear and tear from multiple attachments and detachments or from end-user negligence or with the part in question being of low quality. This tutorial...
  4. T

    Solved! ASUS N550JV Not Charging Despite Replacing Parts

    To preface- yes, I've tried all the troubleshooting methods for potential battery issues, with unfortunately no results. The first indication of a problem was the message "your laptop is plugged in, but not charging". At first, I thought this might've been exclusively an AC adapter issue since...
  5. S

    gigabyte laptop burned

    my laptop just stopped working while i was using it it switched of by it self. so i took it for repair and the ram was replaced and i took it home used it for an hour and it switch of again this time with a burning smell left behind from the charging port side..what could it be and can it be...