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    Looking for a new headset

    Hey guys, I am looking for a new headset, I will be using it mainly for gaming. My budget is 230 euros and as far as I have found my main options would be: 1. sennheiser game one/zero 2. kingston hyperx revolver 3. asus strix 7.1 Since I've heard that seperate headphones and mic would be...
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    Choosing between the following 2 laptops

    Hey guys, I'm about to buy a new laptop for my course as an electrical engineer. I will probably use it mostly for autoCAD, matlab, and maybe... light gaming for about 5 years at least? And here's the two laptops that have caught my eyes, they're both from Asus, both of them are on sale for only...
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    Help choosing PC for data analysis

    Hi! I need a solid, fast PC that can last me a good while that will do heavy - duty data analysis quickly (primarily massive matlab data files). I do some low-key gaming, but nothing very reliant on graphics. I have $1500 to spend, and because the money's a grant from a fellowship, money's no...
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    Help Choosing a Laptop

    Hi Guys I copied the following information off my thread on r/SuggestALaptop and I was wondering if you guys could help me? Country of purchase: The UK Budget range: Up to £500 Purpose (netbook, ultraportable, mainstream, gaming, desktop replacement, etc.): This laptop will be for my sister...