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  1. J

    How to send free an unanimous email

    If I decide to inform govt. authority of any illegal activity as a patriot no good citizen?
  2. R

    improve talk volume on cell phones

    I am senior citizen with hearing deficiency. I do not like to wear hearing aid. I have difficulty in hearing when somebody talks on cell phone. The tak from other side is not clear or loud enough. what is the solution
  3. R

    hearing for hearing deficient person

    I am very senior citizen. I am having some hearing deficiency. I am NOT using hearing aid. I have nokia asha 210 phone. even though I am able to hear talk but sometime I miss some words. These words are not clear. what type of gadget I can use for hearing talks clearly. I do not use phone for...
  4. S

    need help with norton and star citizen

    i just downloaded the latest star citizen launcher from rsi and norton said that it was a high security risk and erased it. what should i do? i want to play the game because i think that its completely legit, but norton doesnt
  5. N

    Can you recommend a laptop for a sr. citizen/college student with a smaller budget who doesn't play games much just want somet

    Need a laptop with memory of 5 gig and a 500 gig Hard Drive on a fixed income, just for college online work.
  6. P

    Can this laptop max out Watch Dogs? Being able to play Star Citizen on medium as well would be nice.
  7. JMcEntegart

    Syria Bans the iPhone to Silence Citizen Journalists

    The Syrian Customers Department has reportedly banned the use of iPhones in an effort to keep documentation of the current protests under wraps. Syria Bans the iPhone to Silence Citizen Journalists : Read more
  8. S

    Verizon Mailing Address

    To Verizon CEO: I am a senior citizen who has a VErizon cell phone. I have over $100.00 on the phone, yet I do not use even $5.00 worth in a month. They say I have to top up at least $15.00 a month. This is a rip off. I want a $60.00 a year contract. Can I have this?
  9. JMcEntegart

    Countdown begins for first Aussie Apple Store

    For many a US citizen, an Apple store is not an oddity. In fact, with 209 stores worldwide, to most people, an Apple store is nothing to note. What is a little surprising.... Countdown begins for first Aussie Apple Store : Read more
  10. JMcEntegart

    YouTube Launches Citizen Journalism Channel

    YouTube announced via its blog earlier this week a new channel by the name of Citizen News. YouTube Launches Citizen Journalism Channel : Read more