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  1. G

    Solved! Yea it's an iPhone 6c that's being hacked by someone on citrix

    My iPhone has been hacked by someone who used citrix to hack it it's everywhere and I can't do anything without them knowing wat can I do about this as I need some privacy to be able to talk Txt and it's awful
  2. T

    Office 2013 and Citrix

    Hi, at work we've purchased couple of used PC's with Windows 7 Pro installed on them. We then purchased Office 2013 Home and Student OEM versions. Problem is that they've got only 1 year warranty and if something happens I won't be able to transfer them to another PC. I don't know if I buy from...
  3. I3lood Eagle

    Virtualization Project Help

    I have a project due where I have to conceptualize what type of Virtualization software is best applied where, how it's different in appeal to other software of the same caliber, and how it is used in comparison to the aforementioned software. My instructor was talking about Visors I'm going to...
  4. S

    Outlook 2007 sunfolders missing

    I have spent hours now looking for my missing Outlook 2007 Inbox Subfolder and it's contents. There were a couple of hundred emails in it. Where could they be? we are on citrix and exchange 2007. I have checked the Views, they are all set correctly. How do I get the folder back and why has it...
  5. mjmcdonagh1

    Citrix Web Interface Reporting on Users

    Hello, We use Citrix Web Interface for staff to work out of the office. We use old Secure Computing SafeWord fob/tag things for authentication. We are looking at moving on to a new method of authentication later on in the financial year but for now this is what we're stuck with. We now have...
  6. U

    Citrix access gateway endpoint analysis

    I work from home using my personal pc, and my employer has started requiring us to use citrix access gateway endpoint analysis to log into citrix. My current security software is not on the list of "approved antivirus programs" to be able to log into citrix. I am currently using kaspersky...
  7. R

    For citrix users

    Hi , I am Mr. Rakesh , if we have individual IP's we can restrict the user or we can customize through UTM box , we are working og citrix , we have 3 citirx servers average 30 users logs on the servers for working . Logs we get for a server not inidividual user wise . is there any option to have...
  8. exfileme

    Dell Demos Streak, Confirms AT&T

    Michael Dell whipped out the Streak Thursday at the Citrix Synergy conference in San Fransisco. Dell Demos Streak, Confirms AT&T : Read more
  9. N

    File association batch file

    I am trying to create a .bat file that will set .ica to wfica32.exe for citrix apps. Here is my code. When i run the following .bat file it appears to have changed, but does not actually change the program .ica opens with and still says the previous file association in the gui tool. ECHO OFF...