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  1. V

    I just got a brand new 32gb memory card for my galaxy j7neo and after installing it into my phone, i formatted it and then reb

    I need my brand new 32gb memory card to work perfectly on my galaxy j7neo and stop reading not enough memory space
  2. L

    Looking for a really cheap laptop for school

    I'm looking to buy a used laptop under 150 right now. I need it for basic school work and the occasional counter strike match. Only thing I want is a 1080p display.
  3. D

    FS: HTC One X+ AT&T, $400 OBA

    I'm currently selling my HTC One X+ for AT&T. A great phone, works flawlessly, I got it a few months ago, and I just don't need a phone that powerful, and I'm a little short on cash. It's in like new condition, any smudges or scratches on the screen are actually on the screen protector. Its...
  4. I

    WTS Tomb Raider Game Code

    I am trying to sell a tomb raider game code and am accepting offers via PM. Uploaded with
  5. V

    Has anybody purchased from I saw this in many classifieds. HE says its promotional price and even alienware is arnd 699$ !!! any ideas
  6. I

    FS Sapphire 6950

    I recently upgraded so Im ready to sell my previous card, a reference sapphire 6950. Nothing much to say about the card other then it works great, I try the 6970 unlock just out of curiousity and it does work. I flashed it back before ever using it in any games, and now i can answer postively...
  7. S

    WTB Unlocked/Unlockable 6950 2GB

    Hey guy I'm building a new system and would like to get a 6950 2GB with the ability to unlock, even better if it's already unlocked.
  8. JMcEntegart

    Craigslist CEO Responds to Prostitution Lawsuit

    Last week a Sheriff in Chicago filed a lawsuit against Craigslist alleging the classifieds site was "facilitating prostitution." Craigslist CEO, Jim Buckmaster has said the suit is a waste of time and claims the site is protected by federal law. Craigslist CEO Responds to Prostitution Lawsuit ...