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  1. K

    Laptop makes clicking sound randomly

    hello guys laptop started to make clicking sound once in a while, i cant hear it when i listen to music only very silent click, nor when gaming. it is completely random Dell laptop , one click. could it be the fan from the dust? cani clean it without taking the back off?
  2. Mr Davo

    Configuring a ClickOnce application (originally designed for XP) to run in Windows 7 x64?

    Hi Everyone, I have an old application which is deployed using ClickOnce. Historically the application has worked fine (for example on Windows XP), however now that I am using Windows 7 (x64) the application is not working 100%. Whilst I can view information in the application I am unable to...
  3. B

    Little sound click when playing a sound

    Hello guys, I have an asus g550jk, windows 8.1, 16gb ram, intel i7 and I have a weird sound problem. Whenever my computer is, lets say, at least 1 min without playing a sound in the next time it does play a sound a little "click" is heard through my headphones. Before you ask, yes the...
  4. N

    Samsung notebook clicks on boot, won't pass BIOS

    I'm trying to repair a laptop for a friend and not having much luck, I'm hoping someone here might have some insight. It's a Samsung NP300V5A-A04UK running Win7. I'm told it was occasionally playing up and making clicking noises and failing to get past the BIOS, but that taking the battery out...