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  1. MegaBomb_Tech

    Question Both Boot options say "Windows Boot Manager"

    With my Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop with 16GB RAM, I have a 256GB SSD built in along with a 1TB HDD. I decided to partition and clone a backup on the HDD using AOMEI Backupper Professional. I was able to create a partition and backup everything on the HDD, but when I went to the Boot Manager to...
  2. M

    Recommendations for Disk Clone Software

    Looking for some recommendations on disk cloning software for an SSD. It can be paid or free. Specifically looking for the software to automatically backup to a NAS (at shutdown would be best but not required), if possible.
  3. P

    New SSD issues

    System: ■Alienware 17r4 ■128 gb m.2 (sata) SSD OS ■1 tb HDD Storage ■1x m.2 2280 slot (with Samsung 950 Pro 256 gb) ■1x m.2 2242 slot ■i7 6700hq ■gtx 1070 Issue: After physically installing the 256 SSD, I tried to clone my OS drive, it was "successful", and I was able to boot from that drive...
  4. GatsuOnBerserk

    Using app installed in my Hard disk with my SSD fresh Windows installation.

    Hello guys, As I wrote in the title, I've installed a fresh Windows 7 OS in my new SSD and I want to use the app installed before in my HDD, it's possible to do without reinstalling them? Thanks! PS. I've the same OS in both. 7 Ultimate 64bit
  5. M

    Cloning a hard drive

    Can you clone a bootable hard drive by mirroring the partitions and then breaking them?
  6. K

    Switching Boot Drives (Windows 10)

    I recently bought a laptop with a 1TB hard drive. I bought a 250GB solid state M.2 drive, mainly to boot off of. I'm trying to simply copy my system files over to the new drive, but since the HDD is bigger, I'm having problems making the partition small enough to clone the drive to the SSD. Do...
  7. M

    Clone a Laptop

    Good morning Tom's Hardware. I am having some issues with my work laptop. For reasons unbeknownst to me it seems that more and more often I am losing what I have worked on. It is a 2002 custom build Dell laptop that I use nearly every day. As much as I would love to simply buy a new laptop, I...