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  1. P3triix

    Question I have no longer access to my old number

    My facebook is asking for a code but it's being send to my old phone number, what can i do ? I already send a message to support but they never answer, and i don't know how long it takes to they answer.
  2. J

    I dnt no my activation code

    I dnt have my activation code I just bought it from a flee market
  3. H

    Compromised Service? "Microsoft Access Code"

    Hi, With all these data breaches lately I have been very careful with securing all my accounts. However, Today I received a Text message "Microsoft Access Code:" with 4 numbers which I did not request. Usually these texts are more specific when I request them like "Use ***** as Microsoft account...
  4. L

    CodeHS JavaScript Help

    Can someone help me with this problem? Write a function called `isEven` that returns a boolean of whether or not a value is even or odd. The `isEven` function should not print anything out or return a number. It should only take in a number and return a boolean. For example, if you made a call...
  5. I

    HTML prompting and displaying

    Okay, so I don't do much with JS in HTML... so I want to ask this question. I want to make my website prompt whoever is visiting my site, and then whatever the answer in the prompt, I want that to be displayed. Can someone give me a little tutorial or sample code to get me going? It would be...
  6. D

    App to enter dialer codes

    Yeah, so I have android studio installed, v.1.4 Not sure what I am doing. I have the 5 buttons that I want all set up looking all pretty, now I want to make each button open the dialer and dial the code without calling. I tried some bogus app builder that tried to call the code, so that sucked...