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    What is this CTIA tomfoolery, can't connect mic with a splitter?

    I miss those days when there was a seperate LINE-IN jack on laptops. 2 years back I bought a HP Envy laptop which comes with a CTIA type combo audio jack. I can't connect my Shure mic or my electric guitar to it in any way. I have to use a usb sound card for that purpose but its sound quality is...
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    Headphone Combo Jack

    Do i need to search for a specific kind of combo jack adaptor? The one included with my headphones broke , and i cant find it to get a clue on what to buy. My question is do i need to look for a specific adaptor , or any will do? My headphones are GTX 322 and my laptop is a lenovo g50-30
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    Would something like TRRS into splitter into adapter to USB work?

    The laptop I am currently using (Dell Inspiron 15) has only one jack for audio, being a combo jack for mic / headphones. This is proving problematic, as several of the headsets I was after back in the day had only been accessible through plugging both TRS jacks for mic & sound. Given the fact I...
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    combo jack/headset mic not working

    I just got a HyperX Cloud with a combo jack ( but when connecting it to my laptop (Acer Aspire V5-573G-54208G50aii), the mic doesn't show up on the sound tab in Windows while the headset sound is working. The mic works perfectly fine on my dad's pc though. My laptop...