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  1. webworkings

    Talk To A Real Person At Comcast Customer Service

    It is so hard to get through to a customer service agent these days. There are endless buttons to push, and information to enter, when all you want is to talk to a real live person. There should be a shorter route to a person. Follow this tutorial to get to a human Comcast customer service...
  2. M

    So recently got a modem from Comcast

    And the house I'm currently in has DirectTV for cable. The only available coax outlet is connected to a DirectTV box. Is it possible to connect the box to a splitter so it can share the outlet with the Comcast modem???
  3. D

    Samsung UN32EH5300F connects to network, not Internet. WIRED.

    I wrote this out very detailed the first time. It appears that in the process of registering, the system ate my message. I'm going to attempt to put everything back in here the second time, but if I'm missing needed information, let me know and I'll try to add it back in...
  4. Mike Andronico

    Comcast Takes on Google with 2Gbps Internet

    Comcast announced a 2GBps Internet service that doubles the speeds offered by Google Fiber. Comcast Takes on Google with 2Gbps Internet : Read more
  5. seancaptain

    5 Surprising Things in FCC's Net Neutrality Regulations

    At long last, the Federal Communications Commission has released the full version of the net neutrality rules it approved (3 to 2) on Feb. 26 — all 400 pages of them. The first few pages contain no surprises for anyone who has been following the issue a 5 Surprising Things in FCC's Net...
  6. E

    How to use Marantz IR Codes on Comcast XR-2???

    So I have a comcast XR-2 remote and a Marantz NR1403 surround receiver. How do I get the XR-2 Remote to control the Marantz receiver. All I want is power and volume control. Being able to switch hdmi inputs would be nice as well. I tried the code recommended, 30189, and I got the two green...
  7. CherlynnLow

    How to Disable Comcast Xfinity Public Wi-Fi

    Stop Comcast from using your router as a public hotspot by turning off the home-hotspot feature in your Xfinity modem. How to Disable Comcast Xfinity Public Wi-Fi : Read more