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    What computer to get?

    On the market for a new computer. I currently have a Inspiron 620S with an Intel i5 2320 @ CPU 3.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM. AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics card. Works good. I use it for a relatively older game. However, hard drive has taken a **** [Moderator edit to remove profanity. OP, please remember...
  2. A

    Hi everybody! I want to find a doc not saved but printed in November 2016, more than 1 year. It's that possible? Thank you!

    I want to find a doc in Word not saved but printed in November 2016, more than 1 year. It's that possible? Thank you!
  3. N

    Can my pc Run the Oculus rift please help

    Hello i have been thinking in getting a oculus rift but i want to see if my computer can run it i have been on the site and did there performance test it said i meet the min specs but i want to make sure im good before i buy and run really hard games here are my specs i5-4570 3.20GHZ 8GB...
  4. H

    Razer Man o War Echo Problem

    Hello, i have recently purchased a razer man o war and ever since using it i have noticed a small echo, it is nothing like "listen to this device" in recording devices as it is quite a small echo. It is becoming very annoying and i would like to be able to talk without hearing myself. Any...
  5. W

    i've a problem with my blog HTML

    i have a blog [link removed] i want to change the black menu bar (under my logo) but in the HTML i founded </ul> <ul> and <li> </li>. im trying to change it, after i changed it my blog messed up. i don't know what is that. Please help me
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    First time computer builder...What do?

    So I'm currently in the research stage of building my very first computer. I'm wondering if there are words of advice out there for any step of the process? Examples: Reliable parts info, What I should put the most effort and money into, any shortcuts or longcuts I should take, and of course...
  7. J

    Good, Small Speakers for PC?

    So I've been wanting to buy good quality, fairly small speakers for my gaming PC. My budget is fairly low, being around $150 AUD (I am able to go over by a bit, would prefer not to though). My ears aren't 'strict' on sound quality, I just want clear sound. Also, rather than just answering...
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    Help Customize Laptop

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop but none of the store's laptop fit my budget or want. So I was thinking of building a laptop from scratch. Do you think its possible to make a gaming laptop within $300-400? What are the parts that I need and where can i get those parts? P.S. I have some experience...
  9. D

    Blue Snowball Mic Distance?

    Hi, I was looking to buy the blue snowball mic. But after looking at some reviews, I noticed that people were talking 2" from the mic. So I was wondering how far away do you sit away from the mic but still have great mic volume and quality. And would you recommend this mic for live commentary...
  10. Orgazia

    Help approving/improving 2.0 sound system for PC.

    Just wondering if anyone can approve(or improve) the following list for my PC set up before i place the order. My budget is $200 for a 2.0 system. I will be purchasing a sub in the future to upgrade to 2.1. Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface, $29...
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    Photo/Video Editing Question...HELP!

    Was wondering if i bought a copy of photoshop and lightroom 5 student/teacher edition.. They say you only get one licence per year or something. But do you need to pay each year??? Anyone able to explain what the deal is??? Thanks Heaps!