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  1. N

    Question How do I fix the Buzzing sound being produced by my microphone?

    Hi, I recently moved, and after setting up my pc, my condenser mic has been producing a very loud buzzing sound that is sometimes constant and sometimes rhythmic. I am at a complete loss as to how to fix this. My set up is as follows: Condenser mic is connected via xlr cable to a phantom PSU...
  2. H

    condenser microphone not working?

    I bought a Neewer NW-800 and i have not tried that on my PC yet, but it isnt working on my laptop. My specs are: And what is important to know if i want to use a condenser microphone on a pc?
  3. K

    How do I get this mic to take phantom power?

    I have a Shengyue BM-800 condenser microphone. It usually gets power from a single AA battery, but if I do that, then I have to boost the input by 30db just to get a reasonable volume, and that results in an insane amount of white noise. I bought a 48v DC phantom power supply to solve the...
  4. DanielJ

    [Audio Interface] Is my best bet the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2?

    I'm planning to get an Audio Technica 2020 or Studio Projects B1 condenser (for use with my computer), and after doing some research I'm not sure on which audio interface to pick. Behringer has a bunch of cheap mixers; some even have USB. They have a lot more inputs and outputs than the Scarlett...