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    Mad Catz R.A.T 5 Not connecting

    Hello, I have recently purchased an Alienware 17 laptop. I have tried to connect my Mad Catz R.A.T 5 mouse to my laptop after installing the software and drivers. However it tells me in my device setting device error. Any advice?
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    How to make LED's flash and pulse to music!

    Alright people, Firstly, I know very little about electric circuits. For a long time I've been interested in connecting an LED strip to my speakers / amplifier to 'pulse' or whatever to the bass. There are a few videos on YouTube with this "mod", but there are endless comments about the amp...
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    Asus Rog G750jm GPU Help. Not being detected

    I have an Asus Rog G750jm. It took a soft fall but everything was working fine for a minute until it crashed. It started back up normally but I found out the hardware device not connected. I manage to find it as a hidden file in device manager and it say: "Currently, this hardware device is not...
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    Connecting monitor to a laptop?

    Hello guys! I want to ask you one simple question - Is connecting a monitor to a laptop a bad idea? I'm asking you because after many months of doing this - my monitor broke. On the other hand, it could be either because of : A) Me frequently connecting and disconnecting it from the laptop...