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    deleted contacts reappear

    I deleted a contact and blocked them on calls and texts. About 4 weeks later they reappeared in my contacts list, and I deleted, then they reappeared about a week later. Why would that happen?
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    Android lost contacts recovering

    Hi,my dad got a new phone,and he put the SIM in his new one He connected the gmail account too,but for some reason there are barely a few contacts And when I tried taking some of my contacts from my google account to his,it said that the SIM card is full,despite only being able to see like 10-20...
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    .vcf file wont import all the contacts(3476) but only 978

    First of all, Hello guys! I wanted to share a problem that I'm facing with. My cousin had a some oldy samsung duos phone(cant remember exact model). So he used it for business. He has over 3400 contacts in it. He got a new phone, and now he asked me to transfer his data, documents etc to the...
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    Using Whatsapp (BlueStacks) on two computers?

    Hi! Since I don't have a smartphone, I used to use Whatsapp on my iMac via BlueStacks. Now I'm living abroad and didn't take my iMac with me, only my Windows 7 Laptop and I need WhatsApp to read messages, but it doesn't work: I installed BlueStacks and WhatsApp successfully and connected it...