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    Question Please, help me to choose a laptop

    Hello! I'm trying to choose the most suitable variant. I need a laptop for video editing, in DaVinci Resolve (not only for this, of course, but it's the most demanding process). And I want a convertible, a 2-in-1, because it's very comfortable for me. Now I'm choosing from 3 variants. New...
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    Toshiba click 10 LX0W-C64 (PN: PDW0GU-005005) Dock problem.

    Hello. Here's is our problem: Device: Toshiba Click 10 LX0W-C64 PDW0GU-005005 convertible with Windows 10 1607 Bios: Insyde -3 , 1.60 (55070019) (from wmic bios get ....) Problem: From yesterday to today, no keyboard or touchpad working. Only works touchscreen. Any recommendation to us...
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    Which 2 in 1 Gaming Laptop is best under $1000?

    First of all, hello everyone. I am new to this forum, I have read a lot of topics from here without signing up, but have never asked a question before. Anyway I am planning to buy a Laptop and my budget is $1000 and maybe a couple of 100 bucks above. I am not much of a hardcore gamer, but I am...
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    looking for a cheap gaming hybrid laptop

    anyone know a cheap hybrid touchscreen laptop for games like gta5 or sims 4 would a hp pavilion x360 be compatible??
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    Built Quality of 2 in 1 Convertibles

    Hi guys, I would like to ask how is the build quality of 2 in 1 convertibles these days. I am eyeing a yoga 500 but I am worried if the hinge will degrade overtime due to prolong use in tablet mode. I am currently using an Asus N43Sl for the past 3 years plus. Will a convertible last me as...
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    I am looking for a new convertible laptop

    Convertible - a laptop with a screen that moves to sit over the keyboard as a thick tablet I dislike the ones that leave the keyboard exposed, also known at 360 convertibles. I have found some that I think are close, but I would like confirmation that they will work for what I want. I am open...
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    Convertible Laptop: Lenovo Flex 2 vs Asus TP500LN

    I have decided on purchasing a convertible laptop and I'm currently choosing between these two (I should note that the online stores that I'm linking are in Romanian, however if you scroll down you can see the specs of each laptop clearly): Lenovo Flex 2...
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    Good Windows Gaming Convertible

    Hi, I'm new to this website. I wanted to ask you people to recommend me a Good Convertible capable of gaming. I guess Its not essential to have a dedicated GPU (and i think there is no convertible with that tech up till now) My brother has a Dell Laptop which has 3630QM i7 with HD4000 and it...
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    Help Me Choose A Laptop

    I am looking for a laptop that is capable of playing games like WoW and Diablo 3. I recently purchased a Acer Aspire with a i5 4210 that's running integrated 4400 graphics which I understand won't run WoW very well. I would like to play WoW on at least a high setting with view distance turned...